Rally Obedience (Rally or Rally-O)

Rally obedience (also known as Rally or Rally-O) is a dog sport based on obedience. It was originally devised by Charles L. "Bud" Kramer from the obedience practice of "doodling" - doing a variety of interesting warm-up and freestyle exercises.

Rally is the very latest dog sport to be recognised by the Kennel Club, and in 2017 the first ever Rally competition took place at Crufts. 

Rally is fun, and no matter what level you and your dog may be at, it's easy to get involved and start training and learning.

Rally involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform, like a sort of 'obedience exercise obstacle course' including lots of different things to do at each sign.

The course is set by the judge or trainer.  There is no pause between exercises - you and your dog work through the course, following the signs, without direction from the judge. You are encouraged to give as much verbal praise to motivate and praise your dog during the course.

Any dog can get involved. It is a great way to increase the bond with your dog, and to help you and your dog develop different skills whilst having fun!

Please contact the contact the club to learn more about this fun, new dog sport.